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news - 10.1.2022

Collective Focus: Siteimprove

It would be impossible to produce, support, and optimize the large-scale websites we are known for without the help of exceptional partners, which we refer to as the Craft&Crew Collective. Our Collective is made up of independent consultants, user experience strategists, interface designers, developers and engineers, digital marketers, agency partners, and technology providers.

In our new series, Collective Focus, we’ll be highlighting our partnerships with these people and organizations, sharing more about them, their work, and the value they bring to us at Craft&Crew! Today, we are proud to introduce the technology partner that powers our Website Support & Optimization efforts; Siteimprove.

A Partnership where 1+1=3.

Siteimprove is where teams with diverse roles connect to consistently deliver across brand, content, and digital performance. For this reason, last year we made a difficult start promoting Siteimprove’s content performance platform to our clients in an effort to automate content optimization for easy to understand, accessible, accurate, and impactful content. Billable services we offered at the time.

This effectively wiped out hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for us as an agency, so why on Earth would we do such a thing? Because we are always looking for opportunities where 1 + 1 = 3 and we found this with Siteimprove. Their platform + our (reduced) billable efforts = better outcomes for our clients.

The Siteimprove Platform

Siteimprove’s enterprise platform transforms content into the foundation of winning customer experiences that drive revenue. Marketing teams using Siteimprove’s data-driven approach consistently deliver content that’s optimized for digital accessibility, SEO, brand coherence, and marketing campaigns.  

Data-Driven Performance You Can Bank On.

Merchants Bank saw form fill submissions increase by over 300% on product pages with Siteimprove!

Merchants Bank partnered with Siteimprove in 2015 to support their accessibility compliance goals as they launched their new website.

In addition to accomplishing their ADA goals, Merchants Bank found that Siteimprove’s suite of analytics, policy, and quality assurance tools held immense potential for their ongoing web modernization and digital experience goals. They were finally able to analyze what their customers were viewing, and this new data revealed users were not reaching the final product pages or scrolling down to the submission form when they did.

These findings helped the team improve digital campaign performance by consolidating content locations and introducing submission forms higher on the page. This helped customers find critical information faster and monthly submissions quickly grew to record highs. They were also able to utilize Siteimprove’s Campaign Monitor to easily track every campaign and see how paid and owned media efforts were performing, allowing them to identify where future campaigns could make incremental improvements.

Siteimprove’s Policy tools allowed Merchants Bank to ensure that any new updates to their web properties were consistent across their website and 560 pages in the bank’s digital ecosystem. This was especially important for operating in the banking industry, where loan limits and product disclosures change frequently.

As the Merchants Bank team organizes their objectives for the new year, another website redesign will once again be at the top of the list. They’re taking the insights they have learned from Siteimprove analytics to inform its ideal customer behavior journey mapping and page flows that will be included in the new design.

Read the full case study here:

Review, Optimize, Improve

With Siteimprove, Craft&Crew is implementing a new ROI model to drive...well, better ROI.


We are encouraging all of our active and prospective clients to work with us and Siteimprove to conduct initial assessments of their website performance across a variety of factors, from accessibility to SEO and everything in between. An initial review bears no cost and can leave you with a better understanding of the areas of improvement your site could experience.


A Siteimprove licence + Craft&Crew Website Support & Optimization engagement is the one/two punch your digital business needs to thrive. Together, we’ll work to fix issues, maintain your performance, and identify areas of opportunity to grow.


When it comes time for an end-to-end redesign of your website, all of the learning and optimizations we’ve been making will culminate in an enhanced, new experience. By starting the ROI process BEFORE entertaining a new redesign, we can develop and test performance improvement hypotheses, better understand the behaviors and needs of your users, and propose a strategy that is informed by lived experience not just secondary research.

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more about Siteimprove, their partnership with Craft&Crew, or conduct an initial website assessment at no cost please contact us and we will be happy to facilitate an introduction.