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news - 28.9.2022

Craft&Crew launches “Media Propulsion Laboratory”

The digital advertising consultancy brings soul to science with average return on ad spend (ROAS) at 29x and a perfect client Net Promoter Score of 100.

Toronto, Canada - September 28, 2022

Global B2B website production company, Craft&Crew, has re-launched its media division as Media Propulsion Laboratory (, which will now operate autonomously from its parent company.

Craft&Crew had created a small media and demand generation division in 2014 to work with its roster of clients following the launch of their new corporate or campaign-specific websites. In the years that followed, Craft&Crew Media slowly (and quietly) built up its own independent client base, which now includes digital media agency of record duties for Xplore (formerly Xplornet) and campaign work for Google Canada.

For the last three years, Craft&Crew has been focused on positioning our core business as the website production partner of choice for global B2B brands - growing ~80% during the process.” says Craft&Crew Chairman, Dave Hale, who will also serve as CEO at Media Propulsion Laboratory. “The crazy thing is that, with basically no intentional effort, our media business grew 300% during that same period of time.

Media Propulsion Laboratory (MPL for short) positions itself as a digital advertising consultancy, vs. a media agency, that “brings soul to science” for considered purchase brands, helping them drive record levels of return on ad spend (ROAS).

Programmatic ad buying works, but not always.” says Media Propulsion Laboratory Director of Strategy, Richard Marginson. “The more complex your sales process is, the more customized your approach needs to be. We leverage the same suite of tools as everyone else but create conversion rate optimization strategies, custom attribution models, and deep technical integrations within multiple areas of our clients’ businesses to buy the right media - manually or programmatically - and build the most optimized demand funnel.

According to a study by Nielsen, the average ROAS across all industries is < 3×, meaning every dollar spent on advertising will return less than $3. Media Propulsion Laboratory aims for 20× ROAS and, as of September 2022, it’s portfolio is performing at 29×. Equally as impressive, MPL boasts a perfect client Net Promoter Score of 100.

“It’s time for takeoff.” says Hale. “The model we’ve built at MPL is truly unique and proven to work for some of the largest brands in the world. We’re planning to become a major player in the North American advertising industry over the next few years.”

About Craft&Crew

Craft&Crew produces websites for global B2B brands. In 2022, Craft&Crew acquired the video production company, Simple Story, and launched the digital advertising consultancy, Media Propulsion Laboratory. The company’s clients include; Google,, SurveyMonkey, TD Canada Trust, and Xplore.

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