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podcast - 8.7.2020

Remaining level headed with Andrew Chau, Co-Founder & CEO Neo Financial

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Today's guest graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2009 with a degree in Finance. He started his career as a Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group. During this time he also worked as an Efficiency Consultant with the United Nations World Food Programme. In 2014 he leaves his Consulting position to Co-Found the mobile food ordering & delivery service Skip the Dishes. He stays at Skip the Dishes running business development and strategy until 2018 when he leaves to Co-Found fintech company Neo Financial. For those of you who don't know Neo Financial is a Calgary based fintech company built for Canadians. Neo Financial offers a no-annual fee credit card and savings account while also giving Neo members access to instant rewards from hundreds of brands all in one card. Today's guest is Andrew Chau, Co-Founder and CEO of Neo Financial.

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