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podcast - 27.3.2020

Doing the job properly with Anshul Ruparell, Co-Founder & CEO Properly

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Today's guest graduated with an honours in Business Administration from Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario from there he spent a few years working in finance as a private equity investor at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and as an Investment Banker at Merrill Lynch. He then goes on to attend Columbia business school receiving his Masters of Business Administration with a specialty in entrepreneurship. Later he decides to immerse himself in the world of start ups and joins the venture capital fund FJ Labs as both an investor and an entrepreneur in residence or EIR if you've ever heard that term. If you don't know FJ labs was an initial investor in some small companies like Airbnb and Canada's Clearbanc (obviously that's a joke). He helped build various startups and in 2018 he decided to take that leap of faith co-founding his own company that is revolutionizing the real estate market. Today's guest is none other than Anshul Ruparell Co-Founder and CEO of Properly. For those that don't know about Properly it is a company changing the way Canadians buy and sell homes. The platform which is really cool uses an algorithm to help homeowners determine what their home would sell for on the market today, and then Properly offers are on average 99% accurate. Canadian home buyers and sellers get an option to sell directly to Properly and close quickly saving time and money. Properly raised $22 million dollars in their series A investment round. They currently operate in Calgary and Ottawa with plans to expand to various Canadian cities in the near future.

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