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podcast - 4.6.2020

Looking at the big picture with Charlie Grinnell, CEO RightMetric

Welcome to Journey Map, the audio experience by agency people for agency people.

Today's guest is a digital marketing savant, he has received Certificates in Advanced Social Media Strategy, Digital Analytics, and Digital communication from Syracuse University, The University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University. Starting his career as a Content Manager for Grouse Mountain, his eclectic digital content journey has seen him in roles as a Cinematographer for Alterna Films, a Video Designer & Editor for Arc’teryx Equipment, and a Producer for Invoke Media. While working these jobs, he was also doing freelance work with his company Grinnell Media Group. In 2014 he takes on a new role working as the National Digital Marketing Specialist for Red Bull. Then in 2016 he is promoted to the Global Social Media Manager of Sport for Red Bull Media House. In 2017 he would head home to Vancouver taking on responsibility as the Head of Social Media for clothing brand Aritzia. A Member of Forbes’ Agency Council, he currently occupies the role of CEO of RightMetric. For those of you who don’t know RightMetric is a digital market research firm based in Vancouver, that provides audience and competitive insights to brands. Today's guest is none other than Charlie Grinnell, CEO of RightMetric.

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