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podcast - 3.6.2020

High expectations with Hayley Anderson, Co-Founder &CCO, Soona

Welcome to Journey Map, the audio experience by agency people for agency people.

Today's guest graduated from DePaul University with a Degree in Digital Cinema. She began her career as an Intern at Ork Posters. Then in 2012 she worked as a Video Intern at public relations firm Weber Shadwick. She is quickly promoted through working next as Associate Producer and Editor, then Producer and Editor, and then Senior Producer and Editor. In 2016 she leaves Weber Shandwick to become a Senior Motion Designer at video production company Mighteor. In 2018 she takes on the role of Director of Creative and Animation at Mighteor. Then in 2018 she teams up with a co-worker from Mighteor to found Soona. For those of you who don’t know Soona is a Content Studio that prides itself on its ability to produce fast content for customers. They have physical studios in Minneapolis and Denver, but they recently launched Soona Anytime which enables customers to ship their product from anywhere in the U.S. to one of Soona's studios where a photo or video shoot will be planned. You can attend your shoot online from anywhere with any device and then shop your photos, which can be delivered in 24 hours. Today's we’re talking to Hayley Anderson, Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder of Soona, she is also a Forbes 30 under 30. Hayley, welcome to Journey Map!

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