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podcast - 29.1.2020

Success anywhere with Jacqueline Cook, Chief Strategy Officer at Vendasta

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You may have heard of the Next 36, the goal of this program is to launch the careers of Canada’s most promising and innovative undergraduates. Here’s how it works the program identifies these 36 students throughout Canada through a rigorous national selection process and then gives them the academic foundation, practical skills, role models and networks to become Canada’s next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. Today's guest is an alumni of the Next 36 class of 2011 and most definitely a living embodiment of the program's mission. Picture this, within just 7 years of graduating from the B.A. in Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan this woman has managed a global team of highly skilled creative directors, modellers, 2D and 3D motion graphic artists, digital media designers and cinematographers while working with the animation studio Digg as their operations and production manager. She then joined one of western Canada's fastest growing technology companies in 2014 as a strategic partnership development specialist. The thing is this role does not last very long as she basically gets aggressively promoted from one position into the next, from Director of Alliances and Business Development, to VP of Growth and eventually to Chief Strategy Officer just a year after that. The company is Saskatoon based Vendasta, which recently raised $40 million dollars in funding led by BDC the largest raise from a Saskatchewan based company ever. The person in Jacqueline Cook, Chief Strategy Officer at Vendasta and she’s sitting across the table from me today.

Check out Vendasta here.

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