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podcast - 12.2.2020

Driving change with James Novak, CEO at Fiix Software

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Today's guest graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree in business in 2003, and would find himself working for a company which at the time was arguably the most innovative technology company in the world. There he had the position of Carrier Relationship Manager, for Emerging Markets. Research in motion, otherwise known as BlackBerry would take notice of our guests skills in business development and actively start promoting him into more senior roles over the next seven years. He was a Business Development manager for licensing, then the Director of Carrier Management and finally as the Vice President responsible for managing BlackBerry’s Verizon business unit. For some context that was the number one carrier partner and channel globally for BlackBerry. In 2014, our guest joined a company that has the goal of creating a more sustainable world through better maintenance. They’re a maintenance management software company that focuses on partnering with customers who want to get their team off pen and paper and onto software so they can run more efficient, safe, and productively. And this company is off to a great start. They work with some of the worlds most well-known brands like Kraft Heinz, Siemens, and Molson Coors, and help them schedule, organize and optimize equipment maintenance and achieve greater results with Fiix— that’s Fiix with two i’s. The company's CEO is James Novak, a big thinker with a small ego and he happens to be sitting across the table from me today.

Check out Fiix Software here.

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