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podcast - 30.1.2020

Passion for work with JP Chauvet, President at Lightspeed

Welcome to Journey Map, the audio experience by agency people for agency people.

Welcome to Journey Map the audio experience that deconstructs the career paths taken by some of the world's most interesting people. Our guest today is President of a Canadian tech unicorn whose initial public offering is one of the top 10 tech IPOs on the TSX which is no small feat. With over 17 years of technology leadership experience and a strategic mind to match, our guest has been a key element in the continued growth of his company. He is responsible for developing its go to market strategy and taking a more direct approach to engaging independent businesses. As a result, he has helped equip over 57,000 retail and restaurant locations worldwide with cutting edge technology. The company is Lightspeed and the man in front of me today is JP Chauvet.

Check out Lightspeed here.

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