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podcast - 2.6.2020

Creating artifacts with Justin Stewart, Co-Founder & CEO of Cherry Pick

Welcome to Journey Map, the audio experience by agency people for agency people.

Today's guest graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics from Reed College in 2012. He then got his Masters in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh. During this time he worked as a Research Intern at Lucky Sort and a Data Consultant at VirtueFi. He started PhD studies at the University of Pittsburgh but left in 2014 to move to New York to work in data science. He started as a Technology Consultant at Swanee Hunt Alternatives there he developed data science solutions in support of counter human trafficking efforts. He moved on to become a Data Scientist at Metis before leaving to found Adsthetic an influencer search algorithm and recommendation engine for brands and agencies driving improved campaign performance. Oh and did we also mention he was a fashion model. In January of 2019 he officially launched Cherry Pick the company to which he is presently Co-Founder and CEO. For those of you that don’t know Cherry Pick uses AI to power the future of product development. By applying proprietary AI to social images and consumer commentary, Cherry Pick enables vendors to measure the demand for products, before they launch. Essentially enabling sellers to get a glimpse into the future. Right now they operate exclusively in the beauty industry but have plans for expansion. Our guest is taking the beauty world by storm he is Justin Stewart Co-Founder and CEO of Cherry Pick.

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