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podcast - 4.2.2020

The human side of business with Laura Silvester, Director of Ecosystem at Hootsuite

Welcome to Journey Map, the audio experience by agency people for agency people.

In 2007 today's guest was awarded the Dorothy Anne Dilworth Memorial Shield as the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Businesses most outstanding female graduate in the Bachelor of Commerce program, based on both academic achievement and volunteer contributions. While attending UBC she spent four years interning in essentially every part of HSBC Canada Bank. For context in 2007 she’s in customer service, in 2008 she joined the HR department working in talent management, 2009 she’s in the business intelligence group and in 2010 she basically ran the bases and taps home plate in the commercial banking group working with mid-market enterprises. After graduating our guest accepts a position as a business analyst with McKinsey, this phase in her Journey only lasts a few years as she takes what seems like a big leap into the e-commerce group of one of Vancouver's most iconic and most notable consumer brands: Lululemon. But, our guest seems to be consistently pulled to community building efforts and in 2016 the opportunity to build and scale a key strategic asset at her current company an ecosystem of app developers, and integration partners sounded like too much of a ‘Hoot’ to pass up. If that last sentence hasn’t already given it away the company is Hootsuite and its Director of Ecosystem Laura Silvester happens to be sitting across the table from me today.

Check out Hootsuite here.

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