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podcast - 22.1.2020

A conversation with Lynsey Thornton, VP of UX and GM of Core Product at Shopify

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To say that our guest today has been a force in reimagining the way the world buys things is a bit of an understatement, but she has some pretty humble beginnings. In 2001 she enrolled in a creative design course developing a range of hands on computing and multimedia skills in areas like web design, animation, graphic design, sound and video editing, and digital marketing. Remember this is 2001 the ‘Flash Era’, from there she would go on to obtain a degree in multimedia technology and an MBA in ecommerce. Since then she has advanced her career at a pretty steady pace moving from UX Analyst to Lead User Research Experiencer, and Interaction Designer / Usability Specialist. Then in 2013 she would introduce the concepts of user experience research and the practices that go along with it into her new employers company. Six years later she is still there and those efforts have helped build products that are used by more than one million companies around the world that collectively contributed over $183 billion dollars in global economic activity last year.

The company of course is Shopify and its VP of User Experience and General Manager of its Core Product Lynsey Thornton is sitting across the table from me today. Originally from Ireland and currently based in Vancouver, Lynsey has spent the last six years leading both a team and a discipline and helps hundreds of ‘Shopifiers’ be successful in their roles as product designers, UX developers, researchers, and content strategists. With this background in design, project management, and business she focuses on building UX teams and practices in high growth tech companies and has been doing so for quite a while. Her true loves are ethnographic research and developing women in tech today.

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