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podcast - 1.4.2020

Keeping Family Close with Sachin Monga, Co-Founder & CEO Cocoon

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Today's guest is an old friend and an original co- founder of Craft&Crew’s parent company Soshal Group. To give listeners a bit of background Soshal is the digital marketing agency sibling to Craft&Crew UX agency that produces the podcast you're listening to now. I digress. Our guest attended the University of Waterloo for System Design Engineering and then would start his career as an Operational Architect at the Department of National Defense. He would then go on into Metadata Management at the Bank of Montreal, which is something I'm going to ask about because I did not know this about him before, before moving onto being a Junior Product Manager at Awareness Inc. In 2010 is when he helped us found Soshal before sadly leaving us in 2011 for bigger and better things, becoming a marketing strategist at Facebook Canada. Then eventually heading off to Palo Alto California to work in Product Marketing at Facebook headquarters. He would come back to Facebook Canada after a couple of years to work in Product Partnerships and then head back down to the Valley in San Francisco to work in Ad Partnerships at Facebook then as a Product Manager. In 2018 he and some fellow Facebook employees decide to go off on their own and create an app that is a dedicated space for the most important people in your life: your family. The company is Cocoon and our guest today is Sachin Monga. For those of you that don't know Cocoon is an app that is designed to keep you and your family close no matter how far away you are. It is unlike any social media apps, Cocoon recognizes that families are complex and Cocoon is built to match, you can track family members' flights / steps, have video calls, share pictures, and track member’s statuses just to name a few features.

Check out Cocoon here.

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