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podcast - 24.6.2020

Breaking away from the herd with Tariq Fancy, Founder and Chairman of Rumie

Welcome to Journey Map, the audio experience by agency people for agency people.

Today's guest graduated from Brown University in 2001. He received a Masters in Economics and Public Policy from the Paris Institute of Political Sciences, and also received an MBA from INSEAD. He began her career as an Intern at Merrill Lynch. In 2001 he starts working as an Investment Banking Analyst at Credit First Boston. In 2003 he leaves and becomes a Principal Investor at MHR Fund Management and became the firm's youngest Partner in 2006. In 2010 he starts work as a Senior Investment Professional at CPP Investment Board, where he was responsible for building and then investing various new investment strategies for the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. He stays there until 2012 before he leaves to take on the role of Board Member / Chief Restructuring Officer at Wildfire a China and Singapore-based social media marketing company. In 2013 he starts the position he is in today as Founder & Chairman of the Rumie Initiative. For those of you who don’t know Rumie is a non-profit tech startup with a mission to bring the surge of free learning content available online to communities least likely to access it but with the most to gain.Today's guest is none other than Tariq Fancy.

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