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podcast - 13.2.2020

Staying curious with Tyrone Lingley, Director of Partnerships at Unbounce

Welcome to Journey Map, the audio experience by agency people for agency people.

Let’s imagine it's 2002, our next guest has just obtained a diploma in real estate and marketing management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Naturally, as one does he became a realtor and worked for a brokerage ranked in the top 12% Coldwell Bankers Realtors where he would market and sell about $10 million of metro Vancouver real estate through stages of client acquisition, property negotiation, and final contracts of purchase and sale. Before you get too excited keep in mind that $10 million dollars worth of metro Vancouver real estate translates intro about three sales of single family homes built in the 1970’s, I’m kidding of course but just barely I assume he did sell more than that. It was a short lived career, in 2008 he goes back to school this time at Royal Roads University obtaining a Bachelors of Commerce with a focus in Entrepreneurial Management which would give birth to a really unique career opportunity. Leading up to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics our guest delivered the experience for 12,000 olympic torch bearers on the longest relay in Olympic history with an overall budget of around $31 million dollars. He managed the daily logistics of assets and worked with a ten member team to ensure operational success in the 106 day and the 40,000 km campaign. After the games he would spend a year doing sales and marketing for a luxury travel destination club before putting his most recent degree in entrepreneurship to good use, founding an online business in the real estate lead generation industry, providing tools, tips and consulting to realtors. During this time he put his skills acquired during the Olympics to good use on campaigns for the Rick Hansen Foundation, Clara's Big Ride as part of the Bell Lets Talk campaign where he was the Senior Manager of Marketing and Partnerships. With all this partnership experience you must assume that this guy is the world's greatest spouse, there’s more though from 2014-2017 he would take on the role of Director of Partnerships and Retail for, before finally landing in his current role as the Director of Partnerships at Unbounce. This is the storied career journey of Tyrone Lingley and he is sitting across the table from me. Tyrone is responsible for all aspects of partner relations, from the recruitment and development of partners, to the internal product and infrastructure requirements to support a world class partner program.

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