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Boldyn Networks.

Boldyn Networks symbolizes a remarkable fusion of the world's leading communication giants unified under a single entity, formerly recognized as BAI Communications. This project would consolidate all current BAI group brands (total of 6) under one new global brand, and a new globally-focused multi-language website.

Boldyn Networks is paving the way forward for global progressive shared network infrastructures.


BAI had undertaken a rebranding process, giving life to Boldyn Networks, and was now ready to take the next step of incorporating their new brand into a unified company website. Boldyn Networks' new site would serve every region within their network as the primary digital channel.

Whether it's connecting transportation systems, enabling venues, serving enterprises, or supporting the growth of smart cities, Boldyn Networks is unlocking opportunities that transform the quality of life, work, and recreation for people globally. The biggest challenge would be to not only create a website which represents the new company brand and vision, but tells their global story effectively as one company.

We recognized the inherent complexity associated with a project of this magnitude. Our primary emphasis was on establishing streamlined processes, and a well-defined approach to ensure that the project remained achievable, well-organized, and highly focused throughout all phases of the project. Ultimately transforming what could have been a complex endeavour into a seamless one. Given the global reach of the Boldyn Networks organization, comprehensive and in-depth strategy sessions were needed to align with all key stakeholders. Through these exercises we created a strategy that would be customer (audience) focused, support Boldyn’s recruitment strategy, technically robust, and artfully demonstrates Boldyn’s global narrative as one unified company.


Landor & Fitch led the way with a top-tier brand guideline, now we needed to translate the new Boldyn Networks across diverse mediums and contexts. Based on strategy sessions with the Boldyn team, and website benchmarks, the vision was clear: the site needs to efficiently balance simplicity, cleanliness, and white space with a future forward feel.

Craft&Crew embraced bold colour contrasts to communicate the brand's vibrant and enthusiastic personality, all while establishing an inclusive and accessible atmosphere for every user.

Boldyn’s new web platform ensures multi-language adaptability, allowing the site to cater to every region. By consolidating all six agencies under a single name and platform, the new website narrates Boldyn's global story as one cohesive company.

Power in Partnerships.

During this project, we had the pleasure of collaborating with the strategic content agency, Ascribe Marketing. Through this partnership we brought creative, results-driven copy to the new Boldyn Networks site. We also had the opportunity to collaborate with Landor + Fitch, who are the masterminds behind the new future-forward Bodlyn Networks brand. Teamwork really does make the dream work.


We are thrilled to have been part of Boldyn's transformative journey. Our collaboration with Boldyn Networks marks the realization of their rebranding vision, consolidating six distinctive brands into one cohesive entity. It has been a privilege to witness this evolution, and our Crew is proud to have played a vital role in shaping their digital landscape.

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