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Elastic Path.

Elastic Path represents the next-gen of ecommerce solutions. At a time where retailers are in dire need of innovative solutions to maximize their online presence, Elastic Path has solidified themselves as leaders providing cutting-edge solutions for the future.

There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path when it comes to your B2B website redesign.


Elastic Path’s goal was clear for their new site: they needed to provide an end-to-end, frictionless customer lifecycle experience, from high-level market education and awareness, to product exploration, and sales engagement.

Elastic Path has crafted their software to allow merchandisers complete freedom to create dynamic catalogues with complex pricing strategies and flexible bundling-all without custom development work, now they needed their site to match the strength of their service offerings.

Elastic Path was undergoing a bold new rebrand and wanted to reimagine the website while moving from Drupal to a new CMS (in this case CraftCMS). They didn’t want to feel constrained by the current architecture, and were looking to bring the new brand to life in a fresh way.

Outside of the rebrand, the Elastic Path website had a number of unique challenges, including multiple audience types with very different needs, multiple resource libraries, and shared content feeds that had become cumbersome. Working diligently with their team we were able to create a seamless site architecture for their distinct audiences, all user tested and validated to ensure an effortless user experience.


With a site and content structure set, we dove into the new brand. The main goal was to translate the bold new direction into a beautiful user interface and website design. The team particularly laboured to build the multi-coloured ‘blends’ into UI components while keeping legibility and accessibility front of mind.

Through-out the design process we created design concepts that would resonate with Elastic Path’s target audience, while solidifying them as a multi-product company. These concepts included; focusing on creating an experience that helps users effortlessly navigate across multiple categories of products and sections, without ever reaching a ‘dead end’, building complex taxonomies for tagging and filtering resources and contents dynamically across the site, and showcasing variety and novelty by creating a library of unique designs, textures, and patterns.

Power in Partnerships.

We believe that our greatest strength is in our ability to work in partnership with the best craft experts. The Elastic Path project is a perfect example of allowing distinct, yet complementary craft agencies, in this case Focus Lab for branding and Craft&Crew for website production, to come together to create the most optimal and creative solution for our clients. Through close collaboration with our partners at Focus Lab, we ensured that the user experience and structure of Elastic Path’s website matched the remarkable strength of Elastic Path’s new identity.

Our streamlined communication and collaboration with Craft&Crew during this project lead to an exceptional experience demonstrating the effectiveness and shared dedication of our teams to support a successful outcome for our client, Elastic Path. We value the talent and skill their team demonstrates to translate our work into reality.

Charisse Bennett, Project Management Director at Focus Lab

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