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Dig Insights.

Dig Insights is a tech-enabled insight and strategy company providing smarter insights across the innovation lifecycle.

Dig turned to Craft&Crew to design the most critical asset in its new brand.


A consultancy and product

Dig Insights had seen exceptional growth over the last few years, bringing on nearly 100 new employees across the company. At the same time Dig's first foray into the SaaS market (Upsiide - A research platform purpose-built for innovation) was also growing rapidly. The time was now for a brand refresh with a focus on giving Upsiide more independence from Dig Insights.

We dove in, working to understand both Dig Insights company goals and website objectives, but also Upsiide's product and audience.

User experience

Two brands, a single platform

Even with unique needs and audiences, the team at Dig didn't want to have to fully manage two separate CMS instances for Dig Insights and Upsiide. As we developed wireframes for both properties and their unique needs we ensured there was a common structure shared so that one CMS instance could be leveraged.


A website so nice, we styled it twice

By maintaining a common core structure across both brands we were able to style each uniquely. To a given user, these were two very different websites, each with it's own look and feel, but behind the scenes the team at Dig operated both from one multisite CMS.

Power in partnerships

Brand focus + web focus =
a whole lotta focus

This website project was a delight for many reasons, one of them being working with our partners at Focus Lab. The team at Focus Lab were instrumental in this process, creating two brands with a shared language but distinct styles.


A foundation for future growth

The team at Dig Insights couldn't be happier with their brand launch, showcased through an exceptional new website, giving them the power to grow two brands from one solid foundation.

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