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Recollective is a trusted provider of online qualitative research software that enables over 500 organizations such as Netflix, RBC, The Home Depot, Wayfair, and Zappos to unlock insights and drive success with their research efforts.

Recollective needed Craft&Crews help to showcase their engaging product that helps brands build engaging products.


Qualitative research through engaged audiences.

Recollective believes that a truly engaged audience is key to effective qualitative research, but Recollective’s existing website read more like a features documentation than an empowering tool catered to its audiences. Closing this gap was the primary focus of our strategy.


Engaging the Recollective audience.

The design and content needed to explain a very feature rich and endlessly customizable product in a way that was easy to understand. Using the mantra “it’s not what your product can do, it’s what your users can do WITH your product” we worked on content and illustrations that emphasized outcomes of features.


More engagement all around.

Recollective's redesigned website has been helping drive record levels of lead generation and conversion since its launch.

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