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The brief

The York University Magazine, printed and distributed seasonally, has a long history of providing thought-provoking, engaging stories that celebrate the high level of academic achievement and research at York University. The team at York U challenged us to reimagine their magazine and how it would be delivered.

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The solution

A Magazine Reframed

To translate the magazine into a digital format, we knew we could do more than just another magazine style blog. We wanted to create a digital experience that honours the printed page. To get the York U team on board with our vision we knew static wireframes and mockups wouldn't do. Instead, we started with a quick prototype to present our ideas in a way the York U team could interact with. The prototypes were a success; they got the York U team on board and excited.

Yorkmag article
The result

Turning the Page

With our vision approved and our experience mapped out, there was one last hurdle. The York U Magazine editorial team needed to be able to work comfortably within Wordpress. Our designers and developers bent Wordpress to our will, allowing the York U editors to use the platform's admin panel to manage content while still creating an engaging, interactive experience for readers.